Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More On Web Captioning.

I can't move on to a new topic without providing at least some support on where and how to get web captioning. So I headed over to Google (who doesn't?) and here's a select few links that I will be adding to my collection of links on the right of the screen.

Here's the link on how to create your own web captioning for Quicktime, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player. I found something cannot view captions on Quicktime unless you're willing to fork over $29.99 for the Quicktime Pro version because the Pro version has the option to turn on the captions. Isn's that an outrage? What's with Apple? Here's another thing about them, I discovered a blog complaining that the new video iPod doesn't have subtitles whereas the new Playstation Portable has it. Here's the link to air out your complaint that the new video iPod ought to have subtitles too.

Here's the rest of the links on web captioning services. National Captioning Institute. CaptionMax. Video Caption Corporation.

To wrap up on this topic, I found an e-mail listserv for the advocacy of captioning. It has 900 members on it, cool! I'm signing up.

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