Saturday, November 19, 2005

How About A Southern Signing Town?

Cave Spring, GA!

Cave Spring is nestled in a gorgeous valley in northwest of Georgia, few miles from the Alabama border. They're perfectly described as a classic small southern town. This town's population is listed at 975. There is only one stop light in town. No fast food restaurants there. It has 90 buildings and sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Georgia School for the Deaf (GSD) is located there since 1844. The median house value is at $75,000. The crime rate is nearly at zero. The average temperature in January is at 40 degrees and in July is at 88 degrees. There is a deaf senior citizen living center. You can pretty much walk to everywhere if you wanted.

This town is clearly not for everybody but its perfect for me. It's an incredible place to raise kids. To have a neat little garden in the back. To get to know nearly everybody in town. Attend GSD events and support them. Give visits to the deaf senior citizen living center. Take out a small business loan and set up a 'Sonny's Tavern' in town.

As we can see from the people's interest in the future northern signing town of Laurent, SD. How about giving them an option... Cave Spring, GA is it. I would guess that there are approximately 90 deaf residents there already. That is nearly ten percent of the town's population. I don't see why not to have this number to grow and make it 'our' town.

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