Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Demand For Online Captioning.

I've finally decided to jump the bandwagon from the little known world of Xanga to the unlimited reach of Blogger. Two reasons, I've done this is because I am now committed to blog once a day whereas at Xanga, I blogged every now and then. Secondly, it's because I want to step up on activism. I want to speak up and reach an unlimited potential of people out there. Just the other day, a friend of mine, known as Ridor was quoted on Slate.com and that blew me away.


There are more and more videos streaming online and they aren't those pesky advertisements or music videos. They're movie trailers, local and international news, baseball games, and now coming soon are 99 cents tv shows. Every now and then I would send the webmaster of that site my request for their consideration to add captions on their online videos. I've gotten nearly no answers. It is my request to you all reading this. Every time you see an online video without captions, find an e-mail address and send them your complaint. I've checked the National Association of the Deaf website on this issue and this was all they had.

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