Thursday, January 19, 2006

TIME Magazine.

I subscribe to TIME magazine. I've just received the January 23rd edition and on page 69, there's an one page article on '5,000 CHANNELS: TV ON THE INTERNET' and it features Apple iTunes, Google, AOL and Yahoo!. This article has made me send my first e-mail to TIME magazine and hopefully it'll get published in their 'LETTERS' section.

A realization has come to me that any time a publiciation touts the television or movie content being available on the Internet...We MUST reply back to the publication and spread the awareness that we're being denied of services where there's no captions provided online whereas they're provided on our television screen. Below is my letter to TIME magazine.

In reponse of January 23rd, 2006 issue of Time magazine on page 69 - titled '5,000 Channels: TV on the Internet'.

"Millions of deaf and hard of hearing people including those that use English as their second language are being left out of '5,000 channels: TV on the Internet' because not ONE of those companies mentioned - 'Apple, Google, AOL and Yahoo!' provide captions or subtitles on the TV or videos content provided online. I ask Time magazine and other media outlets to give us a voice that we're being denied of services and please push those 'so-called online leaders of the Internet' to caption/subtitle all of their videos provided online. It's common sense - those shows are captioned on our television screens hence it should be captioned on the Internet too."


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