Sunday, January 29, 2006

I discovered a neat search engine last week called This search engine is geared to find captioned video and audio on the web! I tested it out and I was disappointed that most of the results came from I've found that there is an e-mail listserv on that is open to the public. I signed up and sent out an e-mail to the listserv asking how this search engine works and who is behind it. I've gotten a response and I've decided to throw my full support behind this wonderful new search engine. I'm posting his response. I hope you'll also throw your support behind him and the website to improve the captioning quantity and quality on the web.
"Harkle Speaks"

Hi Sonny-

I'm James Short and I run You're finding a lot of PBS results because they have made the biggest committment so far to provide online captioning. But there are others! Federal government organizations like the National Institutes of Health, HUD and CDC along with many universities and sites like are providing some captioning. The University of Texas did a nice series called "Photojournalism and the Presidency." A search for "Texas" will get results.

Here's a tip: to find more records, try doing a single letter search like "a" and see what you get.

Harkle is a work in progress and a labor of love without much funding. It needs user feedback to improve. Please send me your suggestions and encourage people to submit their captioning to the database!

James Short

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