Saturday, January 21, 2006

Boston Light & Sound.

Here's an update on the costs of rear window captioning system (RWC). I called Boston Light & Sound because their website states that they're the exclusive manufacturer/supplier of the reflectors used in the rear window systems.

The number I dialed (617) 787-3131 connected me directly to a salesperson who was more than happy to share the information about their 'reflectors'. I asked how they've come to be the exclusive manufacturer/supplier of the 'reflectors'. She explained that the company jumped at the idea of the RWC when it was in its development stages and they immediately made a top-notch prototype and received a patent on it. They've been selling it every since with improved versions coming out every other year. I expressed my concern that their reflectors were priced too high at $100 per reflector and hindering the market for more RWC in movie theaters around the country. She assured me that they're reasonably priced to the value that they're being made. This answer led me to ask where they make their reflectors. She said that in the early years, it was made in Ireland but now the production has moved to New York. I suggested to her that they could have their reflectors made in China or other countries to lower the price on the reflectors. I half-expected her to be offended by the suggestion but instead she laughed and said oh no, she doesn't think so because the company believes in keeping production in America.

I took a turn in the converstation by asking her about the 'whole RWC system' with the red led light display and the device to run it. She said the other companies does that but they do handle it and they charge $17,000 for the whole service per movie screen and get this, they don't install it, they just mail you the equipment and the theater has to install it themselves. WOW! $17,000 is much higher than I've reported in my previous blog at $11,000. I thanked the salesperson for the informative converstation and she referred me to check out the supplier of the captioning devices that nearly all the theaters have. I will call DTS sometimes this week and post an update about it.

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