Wednesday, January 04, 2006

By the year 2030...

A friend of mine, Jose "Pepe" Cervantes from San Diego, California has proposed a solution for captioning in movie theaters to me. Instead of fighting the current movie theaters to provide captioning, he proposed to fight the future movie theaters that will be built. The idea is to lobby the state legislations to make it into a law that all future movie theaters must include captioning devices and variety of listening devices in thier building plans when a theater is built. Just like back in the early 1990s' when we had a law that went in effect that all television sets 13" or larger must have a captioning chip built in. Let's imagine if this law came in effect today, by the year 2030, the majority of the movie theaters out there will have captioning devices provided for us to enjoy. Pepe and I will be working together to propose this to our state legislature of California and Georgia in hopes that they'll take action on this. If you're interested in joining us in a piece of this action, please do e-mail me at sonnyjames(at)

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