Thursday, January 05, 2006

Communication Disorders.

Yesterday, I've gotten an e-mail, who complained that Minnesota State University, Mankato was teaching American Sign Language (ASL) I, II, and III under the Communication Disorders department. She felt that ASL should be taught under the Foreign Language department. This appears to be also the case at other college and universities.

This was new information to me thus I googled about it. I've learned that Communication Disorders is an medical term for a disease or condition that partially or totally prevents human communication. The defect can be in producing, receiving or understanding the communication as found in Wikipedia.

In my response to this person, I told her that I feel that changing this view is really out of our hands, BUT we can have a win-win situation by contacting the chairpersons of the Communication Disorders department, Foreign Language department and the Registrar's office to set up a meeting to have them to agree to offer ASL under Communication Disorders and the Foreign Language department both in order to allow students to earn credit from this class in whichever department they choose.

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