Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rear Window Captioning System At $11,000!?!

Great news! I've just gotten off the video phone (VP) with the manager of my local movie theater in Macon, Georgia. The rear window captioning system (RWC) equipment has arrived and is in process of being installed. I'm very excited about this and I truly hope that readers of this blog will take up the intiative to contact their local movie theater chain and the headquarter often to have them put your theater on the top of the list of receiving RWC equipment.

However, there is one disappointing news. My local theater has 14 screens and I was initially told that two of the screens will be equipped with the RWC and 20 reflective windows but instead only one screen will be equipped with 14 reflective windows available. I asked the manager what happened with the cutback, the response was the costs of the RWC.

I checked around online without making phone calls. I found that the costs of a movie theater to receive a RWC system is at estimated $11,000 or more and the cost goes down a bit if they order more than one. I found this price to be eye-popping. I decided to search further around the web to find the manufacturers of RWC systems and I could only find one, Boston Light & Sound. Check the link and you'll see that they sell a single reflective window at $100 a piece. Whoa, expensive! As for the RWC system, they don't advertise it online but I'm pretty sure they manufacture and sell them...I'll be calling them tomorrow to find out more information.

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