Friday, January 13, 2006

Deaf/Blind Specialty License Plate.

As of January 1st, Georgia debuted 18 new specialty license plates to choose from along with over 40 specialty plates already available.

An idea came up to me recently about having a specialty license plate with the revenue coming from it to go to the deaf. How cool would that be? It could go to any designed deaf services available that pushes for it. My support would go for the state funded deaf schools in Cave Spring and Clarkston however I can't forget that the state also funds a blind school (here in Macon) thus I thought it would be best to be fair to include them. The more the plate sells the more money the schools receive.

If you know of any other states that have something like this? Please do comment. I recall my past Director of Human Resource at Gallaudet University had a specialty license plate that says 'Gallaudet Univ Alum'.

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