Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Attempt #4 - Interpreter for the Doctor's Office.

I walked in the doctor's office this morning and found a different secretary at the appointment window. To cut to the chase, I informed her that I was here previously and had been on the phone with them. I'd like to meet with someone about having an interpreter for my appointment. The secretary referred me to the same nurse that I've previously been with and I believe this is the same person that hung up on me yesterday.

This nurse handed me a clipboard with paperwork attached and tried to fingerspell to me. I was moderately surprised because she never fingerspelled to me in my previous two visits. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand her fingerspelling so we went back to writing back and forth. She wrote that I had to complete the new patients information forms before I can be admitted for appointments. Which was upsetting because I filled out the very same forms in 'Attempt #1' as I've told her over the phone yesterday.

As I turned in the forms, the nurse notified me that she'll need schedule my appointment two weeks in advance to find an interpreter. I was given the tentative date of July 19th. note: the doctor's office is closed from July 3rd to 7th. I wanted to asked for an appointment at a sooner date but I held back because what really matters is that they're finally making progress to get an interpreter and I'm confident that at future appointments, they'll learn that they can set up appointments within 72 hours in advance.

Within few hours, I've received an e-mail this afternoon that they've gotten an interpreter and was able to move up the date of the appointment to July 17th instead of the 19th.

Mission accomplished!

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