Monday, June 26, 2006

Attempt #3 - Interpreter for the Doctor's Office.

It's been over a week and I have not received an e-mail or phone call regarding my upcoming appointment with an interpreter.

I called the office this morning and spoke with the secretary that remembers me from the past two times I've been at the office. She apologized that she couldn't find an interpreter and told me that she has seen me read and write well hence I can come in for an appointment without an interpreter. I remained steadfast and assured her that she can find an interpreter and I asked her for the names of the interpreter agencies that she called to get an interpreter then I was put on hold...

Another woman picked up the phone and told me that they know how to fingerspell and repeated the mantra that she has seen me read and write well and asked me to have my appointment without an interpreter. I explained to the lady that I can write back and forth at a fast food restaurant for my order and I can write back and forth at the auto store for a specific part I want but at the doctor's office, I require an interpreter to have a full access and understanding of what is happening and being explained during my appointment.

The lady on the phone soften and told me that they will try and search for an interpreter but at the time, they cannot serve me because I'm not in their computer. I told her that I was in her office twice in the past two weeks. She then tells me that the secretary tells her that I didn't fill out any form last week then I replied that is because I already filled it out two weeks ago and the secretary last week didn't ask me to fill out any forms. The lady on the phone replied, "I'm sorry, that's your word against her word. We don't have you on our file and you'll need to come in and fill out paperwork."

I then came to a conclusion...I told the lady that I will be in her office late today or tomorrow after I complete phone calls to "people" that I was not provided service. The lady suddenly gotten upset and told me not to do that because they have not refused me an interpreter. I told her that you may have not refused me an interpreter but you are denying me of service due to putting me through "red-tape" of changing my PCP provider and coming back to fill out "paperwork" when I've filled it out in the past and you are encouraging me to come in without an interpreter. She then hung up on me.


Shortly after the call, I called my local GACHI office and explained to them of the phone converstation I had. I was told that they've called and faxed information on the ADA regarding interpreters at the doctor's office and they've faxed a list of interpreter agencies and freelance interpreters to them. They will make another call to the office today to follow up on my case.

I also called my insurance provider and explained the situation to them. The person on the line apologized on the behalf of the doctor's office and will be contact them today to have them provide better service and inform them that they must provide an interpreter by request.

I will be at the office tomorrow morning to fill out their "paperwork" and hope that this third trip to the office will be the charm to receive service and an interpreter.

For further information on having interpreters for the doctor's office. Go to this link -

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