Thursday, June 22, 2006

Attempt #2 - Interpreter for the Doctor's Office.

I waited for a week after my first attempt at the doctor's office to give my GACHI Advocate time to mail information and pamphlets to the doctor's office on the ADA law and how to get an interpreter and serve the deaf community. In that time frame I've also received my new insurance card with the correct doctor listed on the card as my PCP.

I walked in the doctor's office and met with the same secretary that I was with last week. I gave her my insurance card and asked for an appointment. She said I could come in tomorrow. I reminded her about last week that I had requested an interpreter for the appointment. She didn't flinch or turn around and talk with the nurse about an interpreter. She surprised me by asking, okay, how does this work?

I told her that there are two ways. She could go ahead and give me an appointment that is a week in advance then begin calling for interpreters and ask them to come in at that specific time. Or with my flexible and open schedule, I permitted her to call interpreters and let them decide when was the best time to come in and let me know when that is and I'll be there.

I will call the doctor's office through video relay to follow up their progress on finding an interpreter. That is to be in my next post.

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