Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mail Me Your Art.

Regarding to the events at Gallaudet University.

Nowadays we are at an era where not only a picture is equivalent to ten thousand words but a video is equivalent to a million words.

But we must remain true to our society's roots - ART. Art has and always will be highly valued more than the written word, typed word, pictures, and videos.

I urge everyone to create any form of art regarding your feelings, views, and events at Gallaudet and mail it to me and I will post them all on this blog. I will see to it that one day it will be displayed at Gallaudet's art gallery after the whole protest that the presidential search must be re-opened and there must be no reprisals for the faculty, staff, students, and alumni involved since May, 2006.

Mail your art work to:

Sonny James
1575 Laurel Ave
Apt. Basement
St. Paul, MN 55104-7494

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