Thursday, October 12, 2006

Feeling Inspired? Inspire Others Now!

I felt inspired when I was at the Minnesota rally for Gallaudet in St. Paul by GUAA Minnesota Chapter.

The very next thing was that I wanted my fellow Georgians to be inspired by this rally for Gallaudet. I sent off an long e-mail with tidbits of information, explanation, blogs, and vlogs. I also paged people with this same information. Within 48 hours, two flags have popped up in Georgia! I am proud of you Georgia.

As I go through the map of Tent Cities...there are currently 19 cities in 14 states (not including DC). I urge you with connections to other states to encourage and promote the rallies of Tent Cities to be founded in the remaining 36 states. Then we can truly say, "Unity for Gallaudet!"

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