Saturday, October 14, 2006

Information From Police On Last Night.

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Session started at 11:09pm on Friday, October 13, 2006

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Sargent Echols Institute of Police Science GA

Hello there... this is Sonny... I am calling concerning about the incoming deaf students at your station.. i have been hearing that you guys have no interpreters.. could you please explain the situation over there to me? GA

The situation is under control, we have 5 intrepretors on site and we have 3 more on standby, and we have allready began processing the arrestees and thus far we have processed 45 of the expected 80, many of which have paid out or ellect to forfit GA

How much are they to paid and how long is the processing fee... are the any other interpreter such as tactile intepreters and are the students getting their pagers back for the vital communication pruposes? GA

pagers yes, interpretors yes, payout for the charge is 50 dollars cash GA

will this go on the students records? GA

yes, most defiently... GA

will the students have to go to court eventually or this is just it? GA

if they pay out... they do not have to go to court if they ellect to forfit they will have to go to court... if they pay out there will be an arrest record but no conviction... if they ellect to forfit they will have to go to court and risk conviction, because they will be prosicuted during the elect to forfit process GA

many thanks for all the information.. you have been helpful... one final question.. suppose the students and people pay $50 and return to gallaudet and stand in the lines... will they be repeatedly arrested or not? GA

good questions if they return to gallaudet and continue thier course of action... they will be re-arrested and charged... and will not be allowed to ellect to forfit or pay out therefor they will be taken to central cell block and processed through the regular criminal process GA

many thanks for all your time.. this information is crucial to all of us to have this to be peaceful as possible.. have a good evening.. bye ga to sksk SK

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