Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Up And Running - Meetup.com

Last March, I blogged about a neat website called Meetup.com where they have hundreds of groups that you can set up or join and meet in your area.

Last month, my brother with my assistance set up a meet-up for Rochester, MN. Our first meet up, we combined two groups of ASL and Deaf & Hard of Hearing. It went well although it was small but I'm confident it'll grow. In our second month of September, we'll have two separate meet-ups for ASL and Deaf & Hard of Hearing. To view our events go to http://deaf.meetup.com/266/ and http://asl.meetup.com/267/.

If you find yourself wanting a gathering of friends and new people, don't wait for it to happen, set it up yourself through meetup.com or other means possible. This blog on self-advocacy isn't just about captioning, interpreter needs, deaf rights, and etc. It's about being a self-starter. Do something for yourself, your friends, and the community.

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