Sunday, April 30, 2006

Taking A Step Further.

I've recently been thinking, how do I keep making people coming back to my blogsite? Not for egoistical reasons but to spread the ideals of self-advocacy for the deaf, by the deaf.

I've come to reach a decision...I've decided to use both avenues of mass communication; e-mail and this blogsite. Each time I publish a posting on my blogsite, an automatic mass e-mail will go out with the message that I've recently blogged on my blogsite.

I hope that this message through e-mail will be forwarded on to friends, family, church, school, and businesses. I also hope that with this e-mail, people will come to this blogsite to read previous postings ranging from interpreter issues to captioning issues and to promote American Sign Language.

To be added to this newly created listserv for this blog, e-mail me at sonnyjames(at) and please use 'deaf advocacy' in the subject line. Thanks in advance!

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