Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Flat-Panel Televisions.

With the prices dramtically going down on the flat-panel televisions...I'm beginning to see more and more of them hanging from the ceiling in stores such as McDonalds, Walmart and et cetera whereas there wasn't a regular televison being there before. They would either have a news show, music video and/or a marketing gimmick displayed.

I love TV, who doesn't? Its reality that with the advancing technologies of the shrinking televisions that we will begin to see them everywhere. I just wish it would equally be the reality that captions would be on at all times on all public televisions that we see in stores, offices, schools and et cetera.

Earlier tonight at my new local Supercenter Wal-Mart, I made a stop at the customer service area before I exited the store. I notified the store manager on duty that I would like to see all the televisions to have captions on at all times in the near future. He was receptive to my request and said he would contact the "home office" then he would follow up with me with an e-mail.

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