Sunday, April 09, 2006

Maximize Our Value.

The world's largest movie theatre chain is Regal Entertainment Group also known as Regal Cinemas. I have found them to be receptive to provide captioning and descriptive audio (DA) in their theatres which I have successfully gotten them to install in Macon, GA.

I checked their site and searched to find how many theatres they have in the state of Georgia. The number came up to 16. I also checked to see how many theatres provide captioning and DA. Only 4 theatres do and they are in Atlanta, Buford, Chamblee, and Macon. That's merely 25%.

I want us to maximize our value. Let's get the remaining 12 Regal theatres in Georgia to provide captioning and DA. Those cities are Alpharetta, Atlanta (Perimeter), Atlanta (Tara), Augusta (Exchange), Augusta (Village), Austell, Douglasville, Duluth, Kennesaw, Savannah (Eisenhower), Savannah (Stadium) and Snellville.

The method I used to have Macon to provide captioning and DA is no secret! You have to do 3 things.
  1. Add your local Regal theatre's number and the headquarter's number to your phone address book. The HQ's number is 1-865-922-1123.
  2. Call both the local theatre and the headquarter in a friendly manner and request that they provide captioning and DA. Do this 5 times a week. It'll only take 10 minutes of your time.
  3. Call them 5 times a week and when they finally say they'll do it, keep calling anyway until they finally start providing captioned and DA movies.
Every states can do it too! In Minnesota, there are 3 Regal theatres and only 1 provide captions and DA. Minnesotans can maximize their value by making calls to get the other 2 theatres to provide captions and DA.

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