Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gallaudet University - Board of Trustee.

As some of you may know that Gallaudet University has recently announced that their current provost Dr. Jane Fernandes has been selected as their 9th president.

I'm stunned!

Before I can spew out my anger at the selection process and how could this happen. I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't blog about this earlier and often as in 3 months ago when the presidential search committee (PSC) was in progress. I as in We, should have made it overwhelming clear that we will not see to it that Dr. Jane Fernandes becomes the next president.

I've been reading and receiving e-mails/pages from friends about the protest that is happening at Gallaudet University. I've been saying to myself and others that I wish I was at Washington, DC for this until I realized something.

The critical people that we need to reach are the decision makers and that is the Gallaudet's Board of Trustee. They don't all live in DC/MD/VA area. They live as far as California, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Arizona, South Dakota, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Hence, I encourage you to contact your nearest Board of Trustee member and ask that they reconsider their selection. This is the link http://bot.gallaudet.edu/x245.xml to see who the Board of Trustees are and which state they reside in.

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