Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feedback Through

This blog is a follow-up of a previous blog I posted 'Flat-Panel Televisions'.

In Cedartown, Georgia's SuperCenter Walmart, I stopped at the customer service every now and then to make my input to the store manager that the TVs hanging from the ceilings need to display closed captions.

Currently in Minnesota and I'm at it again at Rochester and Owatonna's SuperCenter Walmart. I hope the increasing number of store managers from various locations of Walmart contact the headquarters regarding the issue, the greater the chance that there will be captions displayed in Walmart everywhere.

I urge everyone that shops at Walmart to make a stop at the customer service desk and make the invaluable input that the captions needs to be displayed for equal access. For those that don't feel comfortable going to the customer service or don't shop at Walmart can fill out the online feedback form regarding the captions issue.

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