Monday, December 05, 2005

Coming Soon to Macon, Georgia!

One of the very first activism I've done when I moved to Macon from DC in September, I called Regal Rivergate Cinema 14 to encourage and promote captioning. I've found that there's little they can do, because it's up to the Regal Cinema headquarters (in Knoxville, TN) to decide which Regal Cinema locations will receive the captioning device or not.

From September to present, I've called Regal Rivergate cinema 14 several times a month and to the headquarter's 865-922-1123 number to provide captioning at my location. To my delight, today, I was notified by the Regal Cinema headquarters that at their recently meeting; Macon, Georgia's Regal Rivergate Cinema 14 will receive the captioning device shortly in 2006. I'm thrilled that all my calls went heard. I encourage you all t do the same for your local movie cinema.

To add to this exciting news, check out an article that came recently came out today about movie theaters in New York/New Jersey area.

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