Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Closed-Captioning Enabled Ordinance

With a new legislature in Minnesota, it's been widely talked about that there will be a state-wide smoking ban in indoor public places and workplaces within a year or two. This has come through from many cities adopting their own city-wide smoking ban ordinance. With this ideology, I came up with an ordinance called 'Closed-Captioning Enabled' ordinance for cities that will later on with the support of many cities to become a state law and who knows, a federal law on this. I am currently working on this to have it enacted in St. Paul, Minnesota. Please feel more than free to copy this letter that I have drafted and propose this to your city council and get this enacted.
Hello [Name],

My name is [ ]. I am interested in proposing a new city ordinance for [City], [State]. I would like to meet with you to work together on this to make it happen.

The ordinance that I have written is;

Closed-Captioning Enabled Ordinance

Effective Dates and Coverage Areas:
July 1, 2007: this ordinance requires closed-captioning feature to be enabled in all televisions at all times in public indoor and outdoor places and workplaces.

This proposed ordinance is valuable to all people with hearing loss; people with English as their second language; reduces the noise pollution; children will rapidly learn to read.

I want to be clear about this proposed ordinance that this is not requiring the television programs to be captioned. It merely asks that the televisions to have its closed-captioning feature enabled so that the closed-captioning will appear if the programs has it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Again, I would very much like to work with you or others on this to make this happen for our fellow citizens.

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