Friday, February 23, 2007

Deaf Legislative Day

Deaf Legislative Day is an assigned day for us to visit the state capitol to tour and have an opportunity to meet legislators. Workshops and speeches are often presented regarding specific issues within the deaf community.

The 'real deal' with attending Deaf Legislative Day is how to become a better citizen armed with knowledge of how to efficiently advocate within a group or to self-advocate. I will be attending Minnesota's Deaf Legislative Day on March 8th and I urge you to attend your state's assigned Deaf Legislative Day.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Promote Deaf Youth in Government.

We cannot learn to swim from a textbook. We have to go out to the pool and jump in the water to learn how to swim.

'Youth in Government' is a YMCA program that enables high school students to have an interactive learning and understanding how politics work by being in the midst of it.

I have recommended the program to my alma mater at Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf and Minnesota North Star Academy. I hope you will too because deaf politicians are the ones that truly will make changes for us rather than constantly lobbying for change with the people that don't have full understanding of us.